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Curiosity Killed the Cat - Chapter 2

Title: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Rating: NC-17
Length: approx 1,500 words
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Pairing(s): YunJae
A soon as they became famous it was inevitable that fans would pair the members together to fulfil their own fantasies. It wasn’t long before Yunho’s curiosity got the better of him and he stumbled into the world of Yunjae. All the sites swarming with the pairing had caused Yunho’s hidden feelings for his hyung to surface.

Will the fan’s fantasies come true or will Yunjae remain a far off dream?













Yunho had barely been able to sleep that night, all of the members slept in the same room and the presence of Jaejoong caused his heart to race, keeping him awake. He was aware of the every sound the older boy made: his quiet gentle breathing, the rustling of his sheets when he moved, a sleepy moan and even once he swore he heard his own name.


The next day had been a photo shoot and he had to apply make up to cover the dark circles around his eyes made from lack of sleep.


He wouldn’t tell Jaejoong or any of the members for that matter, that he’d downloaded some of the fanfics onto his phone to read which helped him avoid nodding off. Of course they’d been PG, what’s worse than getting aroused by reading erotic fiction of you and your best friend during the middle of a photo shoot? (A/N: O-of course I wouldn’t know...*shifty eyes* jks)


Once he’d put his phone away and his eye’s started to get heavy, the object of his thoughts came over to him. Yunho blinked at the sudden intrusion.


“Yunho-ah, c-can we talk?” Jaejoong quietly asked and flicked his hand back pointing to the courtyard, silently asking to walk with him.


Yunho stood up after a moment of hesitation. “Of course.” He said as he walked past Jaejoong.


Jaejoong turned around and swiftly caught up with the taller man. There was silence for the first few minutes, both too embarrassed to talk, they averted their eyes praying that they wouldn’t meet and make the awkwardness worse.


Jaejoong broke the silence and cut to the chase. “Listen Yunho, about the kiss-“


“I know Jaejoong, I’m so sorry, I swear that was a spur of the moment thing, just caught up in my emotions and-“ Yunho began to explain himself, flustered and ranting.


“I-it’s not like...” Jaejoong mumbled under his breath.


“What was that?”


“I-It’s not like I well, um, hated it or anything.” Jaejoong bit his lip and looked down at the floor, embarrassed face flushed red. “I kinda liked it.”


“J-Joongie!” Yunho burst out cheerfully and grabbed Jaejoong’s hands.


“W-what?” Jaejoong was taken aback by Yunho’s sudden cheerfulness.


“Is that true? Did you really like it?”


“Um, yeah.” Jaejoong didn’t have a chance to continue when Yunho pulled him in for a tight hug, it was warm and loving and Jaejoong relaxed into the younger’s embrace although he didn’t return it.


“That’s great, I really enjoyed it too.” Yunho muttered.


Jaejoong pushed Yunho away lightly, not enough to break all body contact, Jaejoong still wanted to be held. “Y-you did?”


Yunho nodded and placed light peck on Jaejoong’s lips, not before checking left and right, it was a little past seven pm and most workers had returned home or where in their offices.


“Over here.” Yunho pulled Jaejoong over towards the restroom. The lights were off and Yunho turned them on, not breaking away from Jaejoong.


“Yunho.” Jaejoong whispered his voice full of wanting.


Yunho swooped down and caught Jaejoong’s lips and within seconds the kiss had become passionate and full of lust; each of them clawing at the other’s clothes, trying to find something to support them to not be washed away by their desires.


“Yun...” Jaejoong moaned.


Yunho pulled Jaejoong’s shirt over his head and tossed it away uncaringly.  They stumbled inside one of the cubicles and Jaejoong backed up against the wall, their heated kiss never broken.


Yunho’s fingers crawled their way up Jaejoong’s smooth chest, gently playing with perk nipples causing a moan to escape from Jaejoong’s busy lips.


Yunho’s lips left Jaejoong’s and the older instantly gasped up much needed air. Yunho’s kisses moved down Jaejoong’s neckline nibbling on the soft flesh leaving red spots marking his property. Jaejoong tilted his head back in pleasure revealing more of his milky white neck now covered in love spots of red.


As Yunho continued to kiss Jaejoong’s chest, the singer - desiring more of his younger band mate’s touch – wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck, fingers playing with the silky brown locks.


Yunho’s hand rubbed against Jaejoong’s jeaned inner thigh, causing the other man to shiver when the hand came higher up his leg until it eventually groped the older man’s clothed arousal.


“Oh god...Yunho!” Jaejoong moaned in pleasure.


Yunho smoothly slipped his hand down the front of Jaejoong’s pants, the smaller male’s breath raced and his moans interlaced with his panting as Yunho caressed his member with torturously slow movements.


“Yun...please.” Jaejoong begged; his voice quiet and his tone longing.


“With pleasure.” Yunho smirked and quickly unbuckled Jaejoong’s pants letting them slide down around his ankles.


Jaejoong’s hand quickly came up to cover his face, embarrassed at his revealed self. Yunho noticed this and moved back up to Jaejoong’s face. “Boojae, look at me.”


Jaejoong hesitantly peeked his eyes over his hands, his large brown orbs meeting with Yunho’s. Despite the embarrassment, neither of them looked away, both caught in each other’s gaze.


 Yunho lightly kissed Jaejoong’s hands in a loving gesture. “You’re gorgeous, all of you.” Yunho’s confession cause Jaejoong to go weak at the knees and lean back, his only support was the wall.


(A/N: please skip this next bit o///o)


Jaejoong shivered when Yunho grabbed his member, pumping it slowly as he nibbled on Jaejoong’s lower lip. Yunho’s slow movements were teasing and unbearable to Jaejoong causing him to bite his lip and moan. “Yun...hurry.” Jaejoong threw his head back and moaned loudly.


They shared a passionate needy kiss, Jaejoong moaning into Yunho’s mouth as he continued pumping his member. Yunho’s lips were replaced by his fingers and Jaejoong licked the digits, his eyes closed caught in a rapture of lust.


The fingers occupying Jaejoong’s mouth slowly left the older boy’s mouth, leaving a trail of saliva hanging from his plump lips. They made their way down their body to Jaejoong’s entrance. “Yunho...please, hurry.”


Yunho entered the first digit into Jaejoong’s tight hole causing a small cry of pain to escape from Jaejoong’s lips. “Ah, Yun!”


“Sorry Jaejoong, it’ll get better.”


After a while Jaejoong’s pain at the intrusion had turned to pleasure and he moaned into Yunho’s touch. Slowly Yunho entered a second and a third finger until Jaejoong was clawing onto Yunho’s back begging for him to enter him.


“This may hurt Joongie.” Yunho readied himself at Jaejoong’s entrance, the older boy had his legs wrapped around his waist, hands held on to a railing above them for support.


“Hurry up Yunho, fuck me.”


“Gladly.” Yunho said and slammed himself into Jaejoong, the smaller male screamed but after a few more thrusts he was moaning in its place. Jaejoong rested his face against Yunho’s neck, moaning into the tanned skin.


“Aah!...Yunho there...mmm...again.”


Yunho increased his pace hitting Jaejoong’s sweet spot over and over again, both of them edging closer to their climax. Yunho was  pumping Jaejoong’s member in time with his thrusts and the latter was seeing stars at the double pleasure. After a few more thrusts Jaejoong came with a loud moan, screaming his lover’s name, soon after Yunho followed.


The pair panted for a few minutes after in silence, both catching their breath and regaining composure. Yunho placed a chaste sweet kiss on Jaejoong’s lips, too tired to go any further.


“We should head back, before the others worry.”


“Mmm.” Jaejoong mumbled in agreement, too exhausted to make full words.




Yunho placed his head against Jaejoong’s forehead and gazed into each other’s eyes, silent words exchanged between them.




“I love you.” Yunho confessed whole-heartedly.


“W-what?” Jaejoong was startled at the sudden confession.


“Jae, I love you, I really do, I only just figured it out recently.”


“I-I think I’ll h-head back to the others now.” Jaejoong excused himself from the awkwardness of the situation and once he’d left the cubicle he practically sprinted back to the photo shoot, well he would have but he couldn’t stop the slight limp in his step.


Yunho sighed and replaced his open loving face with his cold leader exposure.


“Geez, Jae, bolting away like that.” Yunho chuckled, too satisfied by their contact to care about his elder’s actions.




*gets brick’d*


That was so embarrassing to write.


Please don’t make me write smut again! I fail at it, pretty, pretty please don’t make me write smut again!




I even did ‘research’ to write this chapter and am now very, very ashamed...


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Apr. 7th, 2010 09:25 am (UTC)
Apr. 7th, 2010 09:36 am (UTC)
I love this =D
and the smut is kinda awesome.
omoooo! I'm such a pervert o////o

update soon ^^
Apr. 7th, 2010 10:15 am (UTC)
Lol, thanks :D
We're all secretly perverts o///o. Thanks for the comment, I honestly thought the smut would turn out horrible.
Apr. 7th, 2010 06:03 pm (UTC)
i've read this on winglin. but why in this world i always forget to leave you a feedback, there?

ah btw! the smut is SO HOT? (i'm keep fan myself!)
make out in the restroom, omg if this restroom been possible to set on fire of their make out!! lol

no need to be ashamed! hahaha,, nice job!!

thanks for update! next chapter please xD
Apr. 9th, 2010 02:57 am (UTC)
Winglin's too glitchy to comment on properly.

Lol, thanks, I hope the smut was hot! Fire to the restroom lol, maybe not fire but a lot of steam! XD

I should be more ashamed, I wrote it, the entire time I wrote it I was completely red.

Apr. 10th, 2010 10:30 am (UTC)
Awesome. I left you a comment on winglin too by the way:D And pretty please, can you help me with lj! After so long, I still don't get lj cut! UPDATE SOON!
Apr. 10th, 2010 11:06 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'll go check winglin comments now :) Is Ehhlliie the name you used there too or is it different?
I'll try to help you as best I can with lj but I only just started using it myself.
To use an lj cut in a journal,

1) highlight the text you want to hide behind the cut
2) then there's a small symbol (it has three lines on top and a zig zag line on bottom that looks like mountains, if you hover over it it should say 'lj cut') click this BUT MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW SCRIPTED WINDOWS(there should be a yellow box up the top that will appear once you've clicked the lj cut button once.)
3) another box will come up with what you want to write in the link eg "read more" or "onwards to chapter 6" etc.

Click 'save entry' and you should have a journal entry with an lj cut.

Hope this helped :)
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 12th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
^^ It's my first time writing smut, I can't help be worried o///o. Glad you liked it though.
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