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Curiosity Killed the Cat - Chapter 4

 Title: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Rating: NC-17
Length: approx chaptered
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Pairing(s): YunJae
A soon as they became famous it was inevitable that fans would pair the members together to fulfil their own fantasies. It wasn’t long before Yunho’s curiosity got the better of him and he stumbled into the world of Yunjae. All the sites swarming with the pairing had caused Yunho’s hidden feelings for his hyung to surface.

Will the fan’s fantasies come true or will Yunjae remain a far off dream?




Here’s chapter 4.


This chapter is some real drama there is: A FIGHT AAAAAAAAAAAND MAKE UP SEX! Yaaaaaaaaay!


Here’s what I learnt from my ‘research’:



1.      Kissing and leaving hickeys etc. is a great starting point and sets the ‘mood’

2.      Apparently nipples are sensitive.........

3.      NEVER call a penis a penis. Call it either: manhood, male, shaft, erection or arousal

4.      Fingering is a MUST (exception is rape!fics) it prepares the ‘girl’ *coughJaecough* and can lead to one hell of a steamy way to lengthen your fiction.

5.      Moaning = SEXY, The more, the better.


Be sure to explore the many positions and find your favourite! Damn...I sound like such a perv.


So anyway: SMUT WARNING!




A week and a half had passed since the interview and Jaejoong hadn’t gotten any since then. Of course a horny lead singer and band mother was never a good thing, the eldest member pouting 24/7 at the lack of activity.


Jaejoong had had a taste of Yunho and had slowly become addicted, now, Yunho was right there but Jaejoong’s desires were blocked from being fulfilled. It was teasing, like placing a bowl of food just out of reach of a starving dog.


Yunho tried to keep his composure and was secretly craving it too but he had a strong will. He decided he needed to move on from Jaejoong, no matter how much he loved the older male, he believed the only thing keeping Jaejoong in a relationship with him was the sex, remove that and Jaejoong would leave too and hopefully Yunho could forget about his love of his elder. That was his theory anyway.


A few days in to the ‘rehabilitation’ Jaejoong had realised Yunho was purposely keeping them away and of course, being hornier than a dog in heat, Jaejoong had tried his best to seduce Yunho and return back to sharing those much loved nights together.




Yunho ignored Jaejoong, he knew his intentions and he wasn’t going to cave in that easily.


“Yunnie, Yunnie, let’s go watch tv hey?” Jaejoong was clinging onto Yunho’s arm. “Or maybe something more?” He whispered seductively into Yunho’s ear causing the larger man to gulp.


“I’m getting a drink.” Yunho quickly jumped up from the table.


Jaejoong pouted.


The lack of contact throughout the day only led to Yunho being more restless at night, he could swear Jaejoong was always awake watching Yunho, hoping that they’d sleep together that night too.


After a week Yunho was exhausted from lack of sleep and slept on the couch, hoping to get away from Jaejoong.


“Hyung? Why are you sleeping on the couch?” Yoochun inquired.


“Just wanted to get a little more privacy, my own space.”


“It is a little crowded, all five of us in that one room. If you want we can move everything out of one of the studios and you could sleep in there?” Yoochun proposed.


“I wouldn’t want to bother you guys.”


“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure we’d all appreciate a little bit of leg room.” Yoochun playful hit him on the back.


“Thanks Chun.”


Yunho had moved into another room hoping to get away from Jaejoong, he didn’t expect to find himself in an even worse situation.


“Hey Yunnie, looks like we’re roommates!” Jaejoong said happily.


The second bed in the room stared back at him dauntingly, teasing him and testing his self control.


“Should I tell them we only need one bed?” Jaejoong stood behind Yunho and had his arms crossed, leaning on Yunho’s shoulders and whispering in his ear.


“I think I’ll go sleep on the couch again.”


Yunho turned to leave but Jaejoong grabbed his wrist, holding him back.


“Why, why are you doing this?”


“Doing what?”


“You know what I damn well mean, Jung Yunho!”


Yunho would be lying if he didn’t admit he was intimidated by Jaejoong then, a sexually frustrated Jaejoong wasn’t exactly something you hope to encounter.


“Answer me Yunho! Tell me now if I’m ever going to sleep with you again.”


“Not until you tell me if we’re ever going to have a relationship outside of the bedroom!” Yunho snapped.


Jaejoong stood there in silence for a moment, looking down at the floor shamefully. “Is that what this is about? I told you I needed time to figure out my feelings.” His words were soft spoken and lined with guilt.


“How much time? I’ve already given you a freaking month Jaejoong! I love you Jaejoong and I want to be more than friends but it pains me to think that the only relationship outside of friendship we might have is...is...I don’t know, this! Fuck buddies, whatever you’d call us!”


“Yunho, I do care for you and I do feel something for you, just let me figure out what it is.” Jaejoong gently grabbed a hold of Yunho’s arm.


Yunho snatched his arm away. “And while you’re thinking about it, I’ll just let my heart break shall I.”


“I know I’m in the wrong here but you can’t just let me starve.”


“So our relationship is just food huh? Just wanting to fulfil your desires?”




Yunho was taken aback by Jaejoong’s simple answer, the silence hung between them. “Goodnight Jaejoong.” Yunho made his way to his bed and turned the light off, Jaejoong still stood there, hoping Yunho would change his mind.


(A/N: here comes the smut X3)


Yunho was almost asleep, mentally exhausted from the fight he’d just had with Jaejoong, when he felt something crawl up from the bottom of his bed under the covers. Shocked Yunho quickly picked up the covers only to see Jaejoong curled up between his legs with a mischievous smile on his face.


“J-Jaejoong what are you-?” Yunho didn’t finish as his track pants had been pulled down his legs and the older male had grabbed a hold of his manhood, licking the head. Yunho shivered, his body starved of the pleasure Jaejoong was giving him.


He stiffened his body, half of him wanting to push Jaejoong away but the other half desperately craved the smaller boy’s touch. His thoughts were forgotten and his anger was immediately washed away once his member was fully enveloped in the heat of Jaejoong’s mouth.


“Oh god, Jaejoong.” Yunho collapsed into the pillows, rocking his hips forward hoping to get more of the singer’s touch and more of the pleasure it gave.


Jaejoong slowly bobbed his head up and down in a torturously slow pace, Yunho gripped onto the sheets.


The pair’s hot moment was interrupted when the door was suddenly opened.


“Hey Hyung? Oh Jaejoong’s not here.” Junsu entered the room. The lights were still off so Junsu didn’t pay much attention to the extra person hidden under Yunho’s covers but he could still see the room dully due to the moonlight. “Yunho hyung, where’s Jaejoong hyung?”


Yunho was shocked at the intrusion and instantly slammed a pillow over his lower body hoping to hide Jaejoong who was still attentively sucking Yunho despite the sudden publicity of it.


“I-I think he went to the toilet...y-y-yeah the toilet.” Yunho squeaked out.


“Um, thanks hyung. Good night.”


“Yeah, g-good night-aaah.” Yunho’s goodbye was interrupted by a moan caused by Jaejoong when he started fondling Yunho’s member.


Junsu left and Yunho immediately lifted up the cover to see Jaejoong. “What are you doing? He almost saw you!” Yunho whispered harshly but Jaejoong licked the entire length of Yunho’s shaft with a smug smirk on his face. “Mmm, Jae.” Yunho relaxed again.


Jaejoong’s paced increased and within moments Yunho had released his load into Jaejoong’s mouth with a loud groan. “Missed that didn’t you?”


“You’re a jerk you know that?” Yunho smirked.

“Yeah, but I’m you’re jerk.” Jaejoong replied.


Yunho leant in for a kiss but Jaejoong put his hand up to stop him. “I just gave you head, do you REALLY want to kiss me?”


“Good point.”


“So you’re not angry anymore?”


“What are you talking about? Hot steamy make up sex is the best!” Yunho pushed Jaejoong down onto the bed and began kissing his bare chest, biting at the smooth flesh.


“Just the way I like it.”


Yunho had within seconds removed his and Jaejoong’s pants and continued kissing trails up and down Jaejoong’s milky white skin. Yunho’s long digits had made the way into Jaejoong’s entrance, scissoring the tight flesh, each movement bringing forth a moan from Jaejoong.


“Yunho lie down.” Jaejoong commanded and Yunho did as told.


Jaejoong positioned his entrance above Yunho’s erect member and slowly he slid himself down on the shaft, wincing at the intrusion, taking Yunho completely before sliding back up and down, riding the larger male.


“Y-Yunho! Oh god...aah...more.”


Yunho began to thrust upwards in time with Jaejoong’s movements.


When Yunho hit Jaejoong’s prostate the older boy shivered, his entire body turned to jelly and he collapsed into Yunho’s neck. “There....right there...please Yunho, mmm.”


Jaejoong had got back up again, his body still shaking from the pleasure he’d yearned for. He continued slamming down into that special spot each time creating a new moan from Jaejoong’s lips.


“Hyung! I couldn’t find Jaejoong-hyung, did he come back-“ Junsu skipped into the room only to intrude on the couple’s love session. His face horror-stricken. “Aaaaaaaaaah! Minnie! Chunnie!” He covered his eyes and ran away.


“Oh shit.” Yunho cursed.


“Should we chase after him?”


“We probably should, but right now, I honestly don’t care.” Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s cheek and returned the singer’s attention back to him.


Within moments of continuing where they left off, Jaejoong was riding his orgasm. “Oh God! Yunho! Yunnie!...crap, I’m almost there! Yun, I’m-” Jaejoong screamed as he reached his climax, followed by Yunho seconds later.


Jaejoong collapsed onto Yunho’s chest, waves of pleasure still washing over their bodies from the slightest movement, head’s spinning.


“I take that as an apology then?” Yunho smirked once he’d regained breath.


Jaejoong nodded “I wouldn’t mind fighting more often if this was the outcome.” Jaejoong planted a small peck on Yunho’s lips.




The couple flicked their heads instantly to the source of the noise. Hanging by the door where there maknae, Changmin and Yoochun, video camera in hand. Realising they’d been caught they both looked at each other and then back at the two ‘innocent’ smiles on their faces trying to hide their obvious crime.


“Um, Changmin, this is where we run.”


“Couldn’t agree with you more.” The two instantly stood up and burst away like their lives depended on it.


“OI YOU TWO PERVERTS! GET BACK HERE!” The angry ‘mother’ shouted.






Okay, I’m only willing to write one more chapter of smut then I’m saying bye bye to smut writing in this fanfic.


In a week or so I may be posting a couple of Yunjae one shots on my livejournal and I promise that at least one of them will be smut but I probably won’t be posting them on winglin.


I did some more ‘research’ for this chapter and found a good fanfic where Jaejoong...ahem...’rode’ Yunho and I kinda enjoyed it...OMG MY INNER PERVERT HAS BEEN RELEASED! I blame you guys.


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Apr. 11th, 2010 06:50 am (UTC)
just read this in winglin..awesome!
anyway i'll either comment here or there
keep writing!!^^
Apr. 11th, 2010 07:48 am (UTC)
Thanks! And thankyou for always commenting on each chapter :)
Apr. 12th, 2010 07:29 am (UTC)
hey i knw this is really random but in winglin u mentioned that u saw pic of jae laughing looking at the yunjae fanboard right? could send me the link? well that is if you still have it...thx
Apr. 12th, 2010 09:08 am (UTC)
Sure. I found this a while ago on another Yunjae fan's journal.

It was taken from a video but since I haven't got a reply which linked to the video I haven't watched it but here's the photo:


It's way down the bottom.
Apr. 12th, 2010 12:31 pm (UTC)
thx a million *hugs* and the entry made my day :)
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Apr. 12th, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Sorry, it's grainy and I can't find the video. =v.v=
Apr. 12th, 2010 11:58 am (UTC)
just wondering, if this is the one you're looking for :D:D

Apr. 12th, 2010 12:33 pm (UTC)
yup that's the one...thx a lot :)
Apr. 13th, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
YAY! Thanks a lot, I've been looking for that! :)
Apr. 11th, 2010 08:08 am (UTC)
This is awesome :D
Thanks for the update <3
All Hail YunJae~
Apr. 11th, 2010 08:17 am (UTC)
Plus, your smut is awesome :D:D
Sorry, I'm such a perv.
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XD Thanks!
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Lol, thanks XD
Blame it one the readers lol!
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