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April 4th, 2010

Hello this is my first entry. Just testing out some of the features.

I'll be posting a couple of Yunjae fanfics on here so be prepared.

Can an LJ veteran please teach me how to use all the features? If you could that'd be great, thanks!

Curiousity Killed the Cat - Chapter 1

Can someone please show me how to link this to another entry so my page isn't full with just one chapter.

Pretty please I really need  a live journal tutor.

Anyway here's my Yunjae fanfic: Curiosity killed the cat.


A soon as they became famous it was inevitable that fans would pair the members together to fulfil their own fantasies. It wasn’t long before Yunho’s curiosity got the better of him and he stumbled into the world of Yunjae. All the sites swarming with the pairing had caused Yunho’s hidden feelings for his hyung to surface.


Will the fan’s fantasies come true or will Yunjae remain a far off dream?


Yunho had always been aware of the fantasies of his fans, especially after the ‘Dangerous Love’ banjun drama, but he’d never had the time or curiosity to inspect the fan fictions and videos flying around the internet. Recently he’d found out about a collection of fan fictions about him and his elder band mate being sold and making a lot of profit. He found the photoshopped image of him and Jaejoong on the front cover oddly attractive and this hidden attraction to it was what led him to reading his first Yunjae fan fiction.

After living together with his band mates for years, he’d realised to avoid teasing from his fellow members he would have to read them secretly.

When the rest of the members were out one afternoon, Yunho quickly went to his computer and typed in ‘Yunjae fan fiction’ to his surprise, thousands of entries came up and he let his jaw hang open in shock. ‘Do Jaejoong and I really look all that great together?’ he let himself think.

It wasn’t long before he was immersed in one of the many fanfics available, he was so engrossed in the story that he didn’t even realise his fellow members get back, his eyes were too busy glued to the screen to notice the movement behind him.

“What’cha reading hyung?” Came the bubbly voice of Junsu.

“He’s blushing, maybe he’s found Minnie’s videos.” Changmin glared at Yoochun.

“’Yunho’s fingers wandered up Jaejoong’s shirt, feeling every curve of-’...Hyung, is this what I think it is?” Changmin whimpered out, an expression of complete shock on his face.

Startled, Yunho instantly exited out of the window and covered Changmin’s mouth. “Shh.” He hissed.

“H-hyung! T-that’s, that’s-“ Junsu was stuttering, unable to get his mind around the fact that his leader was reading erotic fiction about him and his other hyung.

“J-Junsu, it’s not like that, I was just...um...well you see.” While Yunho was trying to explain himself to his junior both Changmin and Yoochun had reopened the site Yunho was looking at.

“Damn, this is really hot.” Yoochun commented, fanning himself to prove his point.

“Oh my god, how could they even do that?” Changmin questioned himself staring at the screen like an idiot.

“What are you guys doing?” Jaejoong asked, he held an unpacked grocery bag in his hand and had just entered the room.

“N-nothing.” Yunho covered up the computer defensively. “Me and the guys were just talking, and they’ll leave now, right guys.”

Yoochun flicked his hand slightly as if to say ‘Go away’; his eyes were glued to the screen the entire time.

“Well, unless someone helps me with dinner you’re all going to go hungry.” Jaejoong stated with a mother-like tone. Instantly the three youngest shot up and ran to the kitchen, all eager to eat their “band mother’s” cooking as soon as possible.

Yunho laughed. “Those guys are so simple minded.”

Jaejoong stepped forward slightly. “You coming too?” His voice was sweet and melodic.

 These words made Yunho realise the close proximity between him and Jaejoong, the studio they were in was crowded enough as it was and the two were forced to stand close. Yunho felt his breathing quicken as he was painfully aware of Jaejoong after reading the fictions about them.

Yunho turned his face away, trying to hide his blush and he slowly moved backwards until his back hit the desk. Jaejoong turned his head worriedly and leaned in closer trying to see what was wrong with Yunho. “Yun? What’s wrong? Are you feeling ill?” Jaejoong was about use his palm to feel Yunho’s temperature but the he flinched away from his touch.

“Ah, I think I’ll go have my shower now. Yeah...a nice cold shower.” He muttered to himself and swiftly left the room.

“Yunnie?” Jaejoong wondered to himself.

“HYUUUUUNG! Chun set the tea towel on fire!” Junsu yelled from down the hallway.

“Ah, you idiots.” Jaejoong cursed and ran off to the kitchen.


Yunho stood under the shower head and let the cold water droplets run down his head, clinging to his hair before dripping down.

“Get a hold of yourself Yunho!” He hissed to himself.

Ever since he’d left the room with Jaejoong, his mind had been filled with nothing but the adorable worried expression on Jaejoong’s face. His rosy cheeks, doe like eyes and rosebud lips etched into his mind, unable to disappear from Yunho’s thoughts.

He could hear the voices of his band mates on the other side of the door and turned the water up, trying to block out all noises as he struggled to get back in control of his mind.

An image of Jaejoong under him popped up in his head, his god like body visible and a seductive expression on his face. Yunho almost fell over at his thoughts. “Shit. Keep your mind steady Yunho.” He hit his fist against his head in an attempt to knock any inappropriate thoughts he had of his senior out of his head.

The throbbing in his lower area reminded him of how aroused he was. “Dammit, this’ll take a while.”

The gentle running of water covered up all sounds he made.



The rest of the night, Yunho felt too guilty because of his forbidden thoughts that he couldn’t even look at Jaejoong. When he did he met eyes with Jaejoong, the elder’s eyes full of worry and Yunho’s guilt multiplied, Jaejoong looked so innocent.

After dinner when the youngest three went to bed, Yunho offered to clean up the dishes hoping to get away from Jaejoong but he didn’t realize that Jaejoong would join him.

"Yunho? Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been out of it all night, do you need to rest or something?” Jaejoong said caringly, he place his hand gently on Yunho’s shoulder causing him to jump.

“Ah, Jae, I-I’m fine, see.” He smiled awkwardly.

“Um, okay. If you aren’t feeling well, be sure to come see me okay? I’ll be in the studio if you need me.” Jaejoong excused himself with his comforting smile that made Yunho’s heart race.

He returned back to washing the dishes but then it struck him. He hadn’t closed down the fanfic he was reading.

“Shiiiit.” He cursed and ran to the studio.

He found Jaejoong inside the studio, opposite his computer and as far against the wall as possible. He had his hands covering his mouth and his eyes were wide, a deep red was blushed across his cheeks.

“J-Jaejoong, d-did you-“

“Yunnie, what was that?!” Jaejoong didn’t move from his previous position, only his shocked eyes had moved from the computer screen to Yunho.

“I can explain, I was just...well...curious and-”

“Yun.” Jaejoong had started to calm down now. “Don’t worry about it, it’s a little bit embarrassing but I’ve read some too.” Jaejoong held his head down, dusty blonde hair covering his sculpted face. (A/N: his purple line hairstyle, it’s my favourite <3)


“Joongie.” Yunho smiled slightly and walked closer to Jaejoong and crouched down so he could see Jaejoong’s face.

“D-do we really act like a couple?” Jaejoong questioned.

“Well I suppose we do a little bit.”

Jaejoong lifted his head so his large brown eyes looked straight into Yunho’s, their faces centimetres apart. “Have you ever wondered if it could be real, we could feel this way?” Jaejoong spoke in a quiet voice, embarrassed to have the words come out of his mouth.

Yunho couldn’t help it, Jaejoong looked so gorgeous and adorable at that moment that he leaned his head in.

“Want to try?”

“H-huh, what do you-“ Jaejoong couldn’t finish before Yunho’s lips were pressed against his. Jaejoong was surprised at first but it wasn’t long before he was returning the kiss. In a moment the kiss had turned from an awkward peck to a passionate make out. Their tongues entangled in a seductive dance.

“Y-yunnie!” Jaejoong moaned when Yunho’s tongue rolled over the curves of his neck and collarbone, biting and sucking the smooth flesh. Jaejoong’s moans filled the room as Yunho continued down Jaejoong’s chest.

Suddenly the light turned on and the two instantly jumped away from each other.

“Mm, hyung, I’m hungry.” Came Changmin’s sleepy cry, he was rubbing his tired eyes so didn’t see the interaction between the two.

“S-sure, I-I-I’ll get that sorted now.” Jaejoong tripped over his feet embarrassedly and stumbled out the room, his face cherry red.

As soon as the other two members left, Yunho let out a sigh.

“Seriously Yunho, what’s gotten into you.” He mumbled to himself.


So...is it okay? Should I continue more?

Please comment I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions.

Also should I continue to make this smut? I’ve never wrote any smut fics before so it may be a little bit of a failure but I’m willing to try.

Every time you comment a Chun-bunny survives. Make the Chun-bunnies happy and comment :)

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