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April 16th, 2010

Okay, so there’s this HORRIBLE girl who hangs out in my friendship group despite the fact that EVERYBODY hates her. She is rude, disrespectful and a total bitch! Now we’ve put up with her because we have to, when we try to ask a teacher to make her leave she instantly goes cry baby and started whinging to the teacher about how ‘nobody likes her’ damn straight no one does! >:(


Recently we just couldn’t take it anymore, we’d put up with her for nearly 2 years and she has shown no signs of getting better. My friends agreed that I was the most witty when it came to insults and also I cannot put up with people’s shit. So we argued. (I had 10 people backing me up)


I came up with some very witty comebacks but then she said an insult that was INCREDIBLY immature.


She said this (word for word):


“Well at least I don’t fantasize about fictional characters and Asians, Chinese-Japanese whatever they are! They’re all the same. But at least I don’t fantasize about fugly Asians who will never care about me!”


Yeah...........she just insulted DBSK...


My comeback was “At least I’m happy. And not only was your insult incredibly childish, it was also racist!” And about 3 of my fellow DBSK fans just went nuts. I couldn’t really understand what they said as it was this massive tidal wave of insults to her.


I won the fight by the way but I still cannot believe how rude she was to our boys so I want to apologize on her part for her immature insults.


Does anyone have anything to say to her? I’ll gladly give her the message. :)

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