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My Heart Got Stolen by the Sea - Prologue

Hi, I posted this on winglin a while ago but took it down after some thought, but I'll post it up here instead.

Title: My Heart Got Stolen By the Sea
Rating: PG-13, some swearing
Length: chaptered
Genre: Romance/Drama/fantasy
Pairing(s): YunJae, Jaemin, possibly Yoosu or Jaesu in future.
I was drawn to him, his voice like smooth running water, sent from the heavens, but like any heavenly being, us mere mortals aren’t allowed to touch, their beauty and grace beyond our fingertips. But I caught him, and he caught me, yet no one can escape their punishment from the gods.


I felt like I was floating, like my feet had been swept out from underneath me and I was whisked away by the wind that carried that heavenly sound. How something could sound so beautiful I didn’t know, all I knew was it was pulling me in. The melodious tune that rang through my ears was addictive; I wanted to get closer, to find out what divine being was making such a song.


Every time I got close, the noise suddenly rushed away like the gentle pulling of the tides. I couldn’t quite make out the words but they didn’t sound like English, in fact I doubted they could have been made by a human at all, that would explain the sheer beauty of it all.


I couldn’t stop my feet as I slowly made my way into the water, the waves lightly kissing my ankles, welcoming me.


The voice floated around me; relaxing and angelic, yet eerie and sad, more like a cry then a song. Most of all, it sounded longing, desiring something just out of reach.


The moonlight reflected on the water and my eyes were drawn to the white light it shone, the waves crashed against the rocks, controlled by the floating light.


That’s when I saw him. His voice rung through the night and pleased my ears. I had the urge to go to him, to get closer to him.


My eyesight wasn’t that good and I couldn’t see his features but my eyes didn’t play tricks on me when he suddenly faced me, alerted by the water splashing as I waded through it.  I felt his eyes on me. He stopped singing and in an instant, as if it all was a dream, one last wave crashed onto the rocks he sat at and he was gone.


In fear that they sea had stolen him, I ran, but the water slowed me down.


It felt as if something was pulling me back, as if getting closer to him was entering forbidden territory. But that didn’t stop my heart’s cry. I wanted to find him and I’d do anything to hear his voice again.


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Apr. 11th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
I've read this on winglin. u take this down? well, I'm glad that u moved this to lj, though. could u add me back, please? thanks in advance
Apr. 11th, 2010 08:48 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading it on winglin. I took it down from there because I was new to winglin and hadn't quite understood how to set everything up, I disliked how the background and poster looked and for some reason winglin was being glitchy again and I couldn't make a new account so I swapped my fanfic with another one that I prefered.

I prefer LJ too.

NP, I'll add you now.
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