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Curiosity Killed the Cat - Chapter 6

itle: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Rating: NC-17
Length: chaptered
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Pairing(s): YunJae
A soon as they became famous it was inevitable that fans would pair the members together to fulfil their own fantasies. It wasn’t long before Yunho’s curiosity got the better of him and he stumbled into the world of Yunjae. All the sites swarming with the pairing had caused Yunho’s hidden feelings for his hyung to surface.

Will the fan’s fantasies come true or will Yunjae remain a far off dream?


I’m sooooooo sorry that I haven’t updated in ages even though I said I’d update in a few days but there’s a reason behind it: my mum hurt her back REALLY bad and had to be sent to hospital!!! DDDDDDDDDDD8


And since my brother (despite being older them me) is a lazy bum, not responsible and never helps around the house he doesn’t know how to cook, clean or do laundry so I’ve had to take on the role of mother all week (I haven’t seen my father in nearly a year so if you were wondering why he didn’t help, that’s why)


So I wasn’t slacking off, I just haven’t had the time to write at all lately.


So here’s a quick chapter I wrote the other day when mum’s friend cooked dinner for us (so
I was free to write)




“Shiiiiit.” Yunho’s curses could be heard throughout the entire apartment. His strong hands pulled at his brown locks in anxiety. Yunho carelessly through a pillow away only to inspect a spot he’d already checked three times beforehand. Every room in their house had been searched by the anxious band leader; the rooms were stripped in the process, all furniture moved without a care. Yunho stomped back to his and Jaejoong’s shared room ready to search that room for the fourth time. “I swear it was here!” He muttered to himself.


“Hyung! Stop ruining the apartment!” Junsu whined.


Yunho ignored him completely and continued his search. Changmin and Junsu had tried to pull tried elder away but Yunho pushed them off. “What do we do hyung?”


“Jaejoong hyung might be able to distract him...” Junsu wondered.


“Or kill him, Yunho-hyung destroyed the kitchen and their room already remember.”


“Right, maybe it’s not a good idea to get Jaejoong.” Junsu shivered at the thought of an angry Jaejoong. Yunho sat down on the floor in a sulk.


“Where’s Jaejoong-hyung and Yoochun-hyung anyway?”


“Out visiting a friend.” Yunho mumbled his voice cold and monotone and he dragged himself past the two youngest members. “They’ll be back soon.” He collapsed into the comfort of the couch, mentally exhausted from stress.


Junsu and Changmin decided to clean up the kitchen as much as possible to prevent any murder happening between the members.


“What are you looking for anyway, hyung?”


“My cell phone.” Yunho mumbled. He swung his legs up over one of the arm rests and laid his head on a pillow at the other end, easily longer than the couch so he let his feet dangle over the edge. Yunho placed an arm over his face, blocking out light in an attempt to rest for a moment before restarting his search again.


“Call it.”


“It’s turned off.”


Yunho immediately winced and fell off the couch when something was dropped on him. “Oowee!” He whined childishly. And rubbed his head from when he fell on the floor and hit his head and held his chest which had been abused by the unidentified object dropped on him.


He looked up only to be met by a slap. “Jung Yunho! What is this mess?” Jaejoong demanded angrily.


“Joongie you’re back!” Yunho spread his arms wide about to hug Jaejoong but a pillow was thrown at his face.


“How did my lovely CLEAN home turn into a pigsty in the hour I was gone?!” Yunho shrunk back, Jaejoong was intimidating when he was angry.


“Uh, I’m gonna run now.” Yunho bolted towards the door but Jaejoong had grabbed onto his shirt pulling him back. Yunho turned around and looked up at Jaejoong with puppy eyes, but Jaejoong’s just bore holes into his head. Yunho immediately clung onto his hyung’s leg like a begging child. “Joongie! I’m sorry, I can explain! I-couldn’t-find-my-phone-and-it’s-REALLY-important-that-I-get-it-and-so-I-searched-the-house-but-“


“Yunho.” Jaejoong sighed and rubbed his temples. “Come on let’s clean up this mess.”


Yunho brightened up and hugged Jaejoong tight. “Thankyou Joongie! I love you!” He proclaimed loudly earning a blush from his elder.


“Idiot, hurry up and help clean.”


“But I need to look some more.” Yunho jumped restlessly on the spot.


Jaejoong sighed. “Geez Yunnie, I know you have to find your cell phone but it’s just stressing you out, you need to relaaaax.” Jaejoong placed his hand on Yunho’s shoulder and gently rubbed his back in a kind gesture to show that he was there to support him. Yunho relaxed into Jaejoong’s touch, his shoulders eased.


“Hyung started terrorising the house early in the morning.” Changmin explained.


“Dammit Yun, you only went to bed late, did you get any sleep.”


Yunho rolled his eyes. “But this is important.”


Jaejoong rubbed his temples aggravated. “Yunho, go to bed now.” He commanded.


“But Joongie-“






“If you don’t go to sleep now, no sex for a month.” Jaejoong threatened and Yunho turned pale.


“Y-you’re joking...y-you couldn’t stand that, don’t j-joke around.” Yunho stuttered, frightened of the could-be punishment.


“I don’t know, Keita’s been pretty interested in seeing me lately...I might just-“


“Going to bed now!” Yunho bolted to the bedroom running faster than he ever had now that the threat had been proven.


Jaejoong sighed and followed Yunho, when he opened the room the younger boy pulled the sheets up over his head to hide himself. “I’m asleep! I’m asleep! You don’t need to punish me!” He peeked over the white sheets to see a giggling Jaejoong by the door. Jaejoong stopped laughing and smiled lovingly at his cute band member/partner.


Jaejoong slowly made his way over to Yunho’s bed and sat down next to the larger man. After caressing his hair gently, Jaejoong placed a small kiss on Yunho’s lips. “Good night.” Jaejoong said despite it still being morning. “I’ll help you look once you’ve awoken.” Yunho didn’t lie back down, he was staring at his love and his caring gestures. Resisting the urge to squee Yunho only gently hugged the smaller boy who leant into the embrace.


Yunho was about to kiss Jaejoong when the door bell rang and interrupted them.


Yunho perked up and flung the sheets off of him and ran out the room to the front door, pushing the other band members out of the way in his haste. A few minutes later he came back in to the room where Jaejoong sat bewildered. Yunho was practically skipping and jumping for joy as he clung to a small package like it was life itself.


“Yun...what the hell are you-?”


Yunho almost squealed. “It’s finally arrived Joongie!” Yunho danced around in a circle.


“It’s too early to deal with you.”


Jaejoong collapsed onto the bed sheets and relaxed into the soft linen but he was instantly jerked back up by Yunho. “Yun!”


“But Joongie look!” Yunho thrust the package forward into Jaejoong’s face. Jaejoong carefully took the delivery paper off.


Jaejoong silently read the golden words printed in cursive on the rich maroon front cover. “Yunho...............this is a whole new level of pathetic.” Jaejoong calmly said, his eyes never leaving the thick book. “Are you kidding me? You actually bought this!” Jaejoong pushed himself off from the bed.


“Joongie...why are you angr-“


“Yunnie!” Jaejoong sighed and collapsed back on the bed. “You actually bought a fanfic collection of us.” He sighed into the pillow. “I thought you were satisfied with just me.” He fiddled with the edge of the pillow, a cute pout adorned his beautiful face. He looked back up at Yunho with puppy eyes. “But is a fanfic better than me?”


“Of course not Jae, you’re the best but these fanfics are like my wildest dreams come true and-“ He was cut off when Jaejoong kissed him.


Jaejoong’s hands slowly wrapped around Yunho’s neck and deepened the kiss, they continued in a moment of passion for a few minutes before Jaejoong broke away. “Thanks Yun, thanks for loving me so much.”


“Does that mean...?”


Jaejoong shook his head. “Not yet, I still don’t know just yet.”


“Oh.” Yunho looked down dejectedly and stood up from the bed. “I’m really not tired so I’ll go back outside. Bye Jae.” Yunho dragged himself out of the room. Jaejoong felt guilty, he wanted to hug Yunho from behind and force him not to go but it wouldn’t be fair for Yunho if Jaejoong who still didn’t know his feelings gave him the false pretence of love. Jaejoong couldn’t deny the heavy beating in his heart and his instant happiness when Yunho was around, he knew he felt something for Yunho but he needed more time to find out what.


Jaejoong’s eyes focussed on the maroon book which lay on the bed next to him. His eyes shifted either side and he carefully grabbed the book.


His curiosity sucked him in, his dark doe eyes darted across the pages; a faint red blush dusted his cheeks. After reading through a couple of one shots and a few chapters of a chaptered fic his eyes grew wide and he turned redder than a tomato.


He screamed.


“Jae?!” Yunho could hear his scream from the living room.


“Yunho! You got me pregnant!” Jaejoong screamed from down the hall.


Yunho almost fell out of his seat in shock at the sudden noise and Jaejoong’s odd cry.


“What are you talking about Jae?”


“See! Here!” He pointed to a page in the book. After reading the page’s contents, Yunho sighed, he was honestly fretting there for a minute but it turns out Jaejoong was just reading a fanfic that had mpreg of him. “Yuuuuuuuuun!” Jaejoong whined and continued tapping the book and shaking his head in denial.


“Settle down Jae, it’s just a fanfic.”


“But everything else they said was true, why not this?”


Yunho chuckled. “Nothing’s going to happen you, don’t worry.”


“But, but...”


“Nothing’s going to happen. It’s just fiction.” Yunho caressed the boy’s cheek comfortingly.


Jaejoong’s hand gently went to the larger hand which lovingly held his cheek. His eyes closed and a content smile graced his face.


“Hyungs, we have a meeting, we need to leave now!” Junsu yelled at the couple, jerking them out of their sweet moment. The car ride to the office was long and Yunjae had taken the back two seats while their juniors sat in the front, unconsciously Jaejoong let himself lean on Yunho’s shoulder, his head resting in the crevice of his neck and he slept peacefully. They both couldn’t help the content smile gracing their lips and the warm feeling that dominated their chest.




Before any of you can say “ABOUT TIME!” Please read the author notes at the beginning, like I said, my mum was in hospital and I was too busy to write. She’s back now and I’ll be able to update again soon 






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Apr. 30th, 2010 11:00 am (UTC)
great chappie as usual..lol at jae's reaction aft reading the fanfic
hope your gets well soon...and take care
thx for updating even though u were busy ^_^
Apr. 30th, 2010 11:01 am (UTC)
MY SPOT!! ^_^
Apr. 30th, 2010 12:29 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks! ^^
My yunjae fan friend reads too much mpreg and is always saying "OMG HE'S PREGNANT!" her reactions are always hilarious!

Thankyou for caring for my mum, she came home today but still can't move around much.
Apr. 30th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
First of all, how's your mom? I hope she's doing fine~
I kinda pity Yunho tho~ *sighs*
Update soon :DD
May. 2nd, 2010 05:44 am (UTC)
My mum's getting better, she's up and about now and can help out a bit. I can go on the computer now though!

I always feel really guilty whenever I write about sad-Yunnie! TT^TT

I'll try and update quick.
May. 2nd, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
You should feel guilty~!
*evil laughs*
May. 1st, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
I really love this fic right now ^^
Yunjae is so much more fulfillng than gtop is.
on soooo many levels <3
haha, so are we all yunjaeism pervs ? O////O
Jun. 9th, 2010 02:00 pm (UTC)
ahahah Jae's "Yunho! You got me pregnant!”killed me XD he is so cute >.< I understand why Yunho loves him that much ^^ but Jae is also in love with Yunho, right ? so he should hurry up, figure his feelings out and declare his love to Yunho :D
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